Monday, April 7, 2014

Getting More Comfortable

     It's been a while since I've last posted, but for good reason. I've been extremely busy trying to get settled and learn as much as I can about Seoul. I feel like every day presents a new challenge trying to become acquainted with the culture and lifestyle here in Korea. I really couldn't imagine doing this without my translator, Jay as he has been a lifesaver. On top of being a translator, he has several more jobs including being my dinner partner, cheerleader when I am pitching and being responsible for ordering me pizza and jjambong delivery because we all know I could not do that by myself. We get along extremely well and I love having him around.
     We are 5 games into our season thus far, having won 2 of the first 5 we have played. Things will get better and the important thing to remember about baseball is that the season is a marathon not a race. I have been told dozens of times "Cory, it is not about how you start, but how you finish." The goal is to get better each and every day, putting yourself in a position to win every night. I believe we are a great team and time will show that. Until then, it is a lot of hard work and support that makes a team come together. 
     Aside from the baseball part of my life, there have been many experiences that I have been able to laugh at along the way. One of those was my trip the other day to Costco with our new foreign pitcher, Everett Teaford. If anyone in Korea wants to know what it feels like to be in Times Square in New York City for New Year's Eve, go to Costco on a Friday. Oh my goodness! Is there not a limit as to how many people you can have in a store? Large crowds in a small space are not my thing, but it was worth it. We bought a bunch of groceries and other items that are tough to find around my apartment in Gangnam, especially a big box of Rice Krispie treats. On top of it being crowded, it took another 25 minutes to get a cab to go back. Oh well, I had nowhere else to be.
     Also, I've heard a few Kpop songs I like along the way with my favorite being "You Don't Love Me" by Spica. Very catchy. I like to hear things in different places and then repeat them to Jay to see if I am saying them right. Let me tell you, I know exactly how to say "Doors are closing" in Korean because I hear it every day on the subway. I'm going to learn a lot more by the end of the season, its just takes time. 
     If anyone likes breakfast, I really suggest you head to ButterFinger Pancakes in Gangnam. Its close to my apartment and the food is phenomenal. Josh and I ate there after a game the other day and didn't even talk to each other because we were so preoccupied with the food. Also, there is a sushi buffet a few blocks away that is great as well. I like to find a place I like and stick with it. I'm open to exploring, but I always like to know what I am going to get and with these two places, I know. 
     As I mentioned earlier, we got our last foreign player Everett and I'm trying to catch him up as quick as possible on the way things work. We met in 2010 so we know each other already and it makes things easier. If you see a guy wearing a black cowboy hat in Seoul, it is definitely going to be him. That I can promise you. I think he's enjoying himself so far and it will only get better with time. Wait until he is at a Saturday game at Jamsil and hears the crowd; that's my favorite. You fans are the best. 
     Well, we have 3 games here in Busan against Lotte before we head home. I get to see my father on Sunday so I will have to show him a good time and get him an LG shirt to wear to the games!! Also, if you see me anywhere near the stadium or even on the street in Gangnam, please do 2 things. 1. Say hello and tell me you're an LG fan. 2. Buy me some hotteok because I love it!!!!! Until next time...